Enriching Life Through Music

"Enriching Life Through Music" was created by my management team. The topic was to record a CD that had timeless classics, such songs as, "Chicago," "New York New York," "As Time Goes By" were mentioned at first. Those were some of the first songs I learned as my journey was beginning in Big Sur Calif.

As the project developed, I thought about the other songs that were requested over the years. Of course "Summertime," "king Of The Road," "Side By Side," "Yello Bird," and "Besame Mucho" are staples in any repertoire for a popular Piano Bar setting.

Then I realized there were enough pieces to almost have a complete CD. As I searched my past memories I wanted a few more titles to round out this collection. "San Francisco," "The Entertainer," and "Hello Dolly" became the next obvious choices. Being quite excited with the new project it dawned on me that "Misty" was one of the most requested songs I could remember.

I hope This CD brings as much joy to you as you listen to it as it has for me to record. My objective as an artist is to preserve the integrity of the original composer and still add a personal stylistic interpretation of the music as I feel it.


As Time Goes By Misty The Entertainer