Slightly Jazz

"Slightly Jazz" is a compilation CD born out of a couple of ideas. The first was to create a CD that represented my entire piano CD set. My friend who created the CD cover design for the compilation set, had a few art choices for me to chose from. I love orange so when I saw this cover I wanted to use it. When I saw the other design with the piano and CD covers on the music desk, it was an obvious choice I thought for me to use. Then when the Styles Compilation CD set was complete, I realized that only half of the songs were used and none of the CD's were over an hour in play time. I decided to create this CD with the cover art I personally like, and give my listening public over an hour of listening time. I appreciate your support musically and personally and hope to meet or see you soon.

Sincerely Mark Hazzard

Blue Bossa Deed I Do The Pearls