By Request

"By Request" is a collection of songs that have been requested at some time in my career of playing piano in nightclubs and private engagements. Quite often I would inquire if someone had a favorite song. The ones I knew would be played for them, if not I would learn the song and have it in my repertoire and surprise them the next time they were present. A marvelous keyboard entertainer taught me this way of getting intimate with my audience. This has been a great way to build a following, as well as gain a catalog of material.

The songs, "Autumn In New York," "Black Orpheus," "Gentle Rain," "The Shadow Of Your Smile," and "Manhattan" I learned when I was a member of the jazz trio, Slightly Jazz. Tom Lamb, the leader and reedman took me under his wing and introduced me to a whole new genre of music. Amazingly he could hear every note I was playing and occasionally would ask for specific additions or alterations of what I was doing. He taught me that each note added a specific color to our sound. I will be forever in his debt for the ear training I received during that time. Thank You Tom! That was a fun time in my life.

"After You've Gone," "Once In A While," and "Is It True What They Say About Dixie" are selections that were requested while I was playing in various dixieland bands.

I asked a special friend of mine what piece she would like for me to record. After some thought "The Nearness Of You," was her request.

"Sunny," "Moon River," "The Way You Look Tonight," "Satin Doll," and "I Thought About You" are typical requests with my jazz ensemble Class Act.

Autumn In New York Once In A While The Nearness Of You