Class Act

Ted McNeese and Mark Hazzard met at a TJSO (Traditional Jazz Society of Oregon) meeting in the mid 1990's. They started playing together for casual gigs over the years. At a private party in Dexter OR, Mark asked members of the crowd if any one had an idea for a name for our casual group. "Speak Easy," "Across The Tracks" and "Class Act" were the choices for a name for the band. "Class Act" became the name we went by.

Mark was playing a gig in a sweet little tavern in Lebanon OR, and invited Ted to join him for the gig. The music was played for 5 hrs to a receptive crowd and we were invited back weekly for a year and a half. The owner paid each of us plus a meal and promoted our tip jar. We played to a full house every week. It was then that we decided to record some of the songs that were frequently requested. I hope you enjoy the selections we decided to record. It was a pleasure to make this CD for you.

Ain't Misbehavin'
Sweet Georgia Brown
Ted McNeese   Mark Hazzard

photos taken at a music education scholarship fundraiser for the Shedd Institute