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Up to 16 Track Remote Recording Available
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  Venues   Equipment
  Agate Hall   Allen & Heath Zedi-10fx
  Cosmic Pizza   Behringer B 110D (Pair)
  Eugene Country Club   Bose S 1
  Eugene Celebration   JBL EON 208p (System)
  Eugene Hilton   Zoom R24r
  Lane Community College   Zoom LiveTrak L-20
  Lavelle's Vinyard      
  Sweet Cheeks Winery      
  Unity of the Valley      
  Valley River Inn      
  Vets Club      
  Artist   Mic's  
  Alice DiMicele   AKG D770
    Audix OM2, OM3, OM5, OM6, OM7, i5
    Beyer M300N
    EV MC 100
  Neumann KLM 103, KMS 104,, KMS 105
Conjugal Visitors
  Sennheiser E 609, E 835, E935
Coyote Grace
  Shure SM 58, SM57
David Roth
  Joe Craven      
  North Shore Ramblers      
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