Slightly Sentimental

This CD was born with the picture in my room as the starting point for its creation. My mom liked the picture and mentioned it had a sentimental value to her. I thought of "Sentimental Journey" through this process and liked the concept. As the idea grew, "Alley Cat," "Never On Sunday," "Darktown Strutters Ball," and "Over The Rainbow" came to mind as also Sentimental.

"Moonglow," "God Bless The Child," "Sophisticated Swing," "Lullaby Of Birdland," "Gravy Waltz," and "Baby Face" were songs that reminded me of the same feelings of sentiment so I was Inspired to add them. While in search of a closing song, the melody of "Thats All" kept running through my head so I decided It couldn't be ignored. I hope you enjoy this Cd.

Baby Face Gravy Waltz That's All