Slightly Blue

"Slightly Blue" started out as a silhouette photo on my drive way. It was originally much more orange. I used my phone for the photo and adjusted the color to the blue background. That got me half way there. Then I started thinking about the blues to match the art but decided not to record an all Blues CD. I did want to keep the blue theme so hence the name "Slightly Blue." Some of the songs have a Blues tint, "Basin Street Blues," "Like Young," and "Black and Blue." The rest are classics that have the word blue in the title. "Blue Moon," "My Blue Heaven," "When Sunny Gets Blue," and "Bluesette." "Wolverine Blues," "Storyville Blues," "Royal Garden Blues," and "Bye Bye Blues" are songs that I learned while playing with Traditional Jazz Bands. They are staples in most of the Trad Jazz songbooks. I hope you enjoy this CD. All the songs have been in my book for quite a few years. "Like Young" was the first song I learned when I was 17.


Bye Bye Blues Like Young Royal Garden Blues