Here is a calendar that has many options. Each event is highlighted and when you mouse over a day with an event, a dropdown window tells you which event it is. If you click on the day, a window appears with more details. This option has many possibilities.


     This movie clip is shot with a standard digital camera with video option. You can use an exsisting video or one can be generated to fulfill the perameters you desire. To replay the video, press the play button.


     A picture is equal to a thousand words. This can hold true for slide shows. there are many ways to present images. Some are static, some can be animated and some can be links. The options are exciting to observe. Here is a basic slideshow with some control.



Music can be added easily, use controls to select & play songs

Gifted Child Productions

Menu and Text Options




Menus & Text play an important role in the overall web design. There are many ways to create attractive menus. Text also has some possibilities for attention.




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